Steadwood Forest Products


Shanie Shed

In 2017, we sawed some scarlet oak lumber taken from a nearby pipeline project into a shed kit for one of our dear sisters. We stickered and stacked this lumber to air dry for about a year, then selected the lumber to build a 10 x 10 shed with a peaked roof and board / batten siding. 


This is how we layed out the floor framing. We cleared the area and set down 4x4s in gravel. Some planing helped level out the floor joists in prep for the deck boards. 


Floor Framing and 4x4 gravel bed base



Here we are after installing the deck flooring squaring up the wall framing. 


Floor Decking and Framing


After all 4 side walls are up, we set up a cripple stud to hold the ridge board in prep for the roof rafter installation. 



Cripple Stud to hold up the ridge beam


Here we are setting the last of the rafters in place and checking they are evenly spaced and securely fastened. 


Rafters going up along the ridge board


The roof sheathing and underlayment went up quickly with a nail gun. 


Framing Complete and roof installed


We came back later in the summer to install the wall sheathing. 




We ran 4/4 Scarlet Oak vertically, planing a couple of board edges as necessary to get a tighter fit where needed. 

These are mitred about 35 degrees to mate up with the roofline and tighten up the entry way against bugs and critters. 


Butted vertical boards


All the walls sheathed, and trimmed, before the battens. 


Fully Sheathed



And then we cut and installed battens, and the beauty boards that neaten up the roofline. 


Beauty Boards and Battens



The other side looks pretty good too. 


Beauty Boards and Battens - right side



We built a set of swing out doors to close up the 6' opening, which should be plenty wide enough to get the tractor and tiller into. 


Doors and Hardware



And here's the finished version. Looks pretty swell wtih all the trim in place.